5 Ways to Battle Dry Eye

Dry Eye Treatment Everett WA If dry, itchy, and just overall uncomfortable eyes are a normal part of your every day, then you may be suffering from an eye condition called Dry Eye. As a common eye condition that is caused by a variety of things— including pollutants— the dry eye can feel like a daily challenge. Here at Physicians Eye Clinic, we know just how frustrating dry eye can be which is why we have created a brief guide listing ways to battle this condition.

  1. Avoid Fans and Heaters

Even though having circulating air may be good for getting rid of things like allergies, they also tend to dry out your eyes. If you don’t need to have a portable heater or fan in your room, then don’t.

  1. Try Artificial Tears

If you haven’t already, try using over-the-counter artificial tears. By temporarily coating and lubricating your eyes, artificial tears can work wonders for many of our dry eye patients— giving them the relief they’ve been wanting.

  1. Stay Away From Cigarette Smoke

Another thing that we encourage our patients who have the dry eye to do is to stay away from cigarette smoke— whether it’s yours or second-hand smoke.

  1. Take Omega-3 Supplements

Another easy way to treat dry eye that we recommend is for our patients to take omega-3 supplements every day.

  1. Consider Surgery

If your dry eye is excessive, then our staff at Physicians Eye Clinic may recommend surgery. During your initial consultation with one of our eye doctors, we will go over the three types of dry eye surgeries available to you to see what one is right for you.

If you have dry eye, schedule an appointment at our Everett office today: (425) 259-2020.

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