What to Know About Ectropion

Ectropion Treatment Everett WAHaving the perfect eyesight is one thing but having the perfect eye appearance is another thing. If you have noticed that your lower eyelid is turned outward so that the inside of it is exposed, then you may have a condition called ectropion. Even though ectropion sounds like the name of some sort of alien spaceship, it’s luckily far from it. Let’s take a closer look at some basic information about ectropion including how we at Physicians Eye Clinic can help treat it.

How Is Ectropion Caused?

Typically, we see patients who are suffering from an involution in the brain or a loss of nerve stimulation caused by cranial palsies with ectropion. And, more often than not, we see individuals who are elderly or middle-aged with this type of condition.

What Does Ectropion Feel Like?

Crying in a  romantic movie is one thing, but suffering from excessive tearing that runs all the way down your cheeks is another thing entirely. Not only can excessive tearing be quite obnoxious but it can also feel a little debilitating at times if you can’t get it under control.

In addition to tearing, patients with ectropion often suffer from other issues such as secondary drying of the cornea which can be a little irritating as well. Symptoms of dry eye include not only tearing but redness and inflammation as well.

How Can Ectropion Be Treated?

During your initial consultation with one of our ophthalmologists, we will be able to determine what mode of treatment is best for you. Typically, we will give you some lubricating eye drops to help you find temporary relief and will then recommend surgery as the main form of treatment.

If you think that you have ectropion, then you should schedule a consultation appointment with our staff at our Everett office. To learn more, contact us at  (425) 259-2020.

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