Is LASIK Permanent?

girl in office in business suit, holding digital tablet, showing thumbs up.If you have issues with your vision, it can significantly impact your life. Not only do vision problems make it challenging to go about your everyday routine, but weak vision can also be dangerous in some situations. Also, if you need several pairs of glasses to help with driving, reading, or using a computer, keeping track of these items and using them appropriately can be frustrating. LASIK surgery is a minimally invasive and innovative procedure designed to help correct your vision and restore your quality of life. Some people hesitate to get a LASIK procedure because they wonder about the recovery process and are skeptical of its results. However, LASIK can be a crucial tool to help your vision perform at its best. Physicians Eye Clinic specializes in providing LASIK procedures and helps you see better than ever. Here are a few more pointers on how LASIK works and if it may be what you need.

Will I Still Need Glasses?

A common frustration for those with vision issues has to use different pairs of glasses for various situations. LASIK eliminates the need to carry multiple pairs of glasses because it helps correct misshapen tissue in front of your cornea, which contributes to vision issues. LASIK can correct these issues quickly, and some patients even report better vision shortly after their procedure.

Does LASIK Hurt?

Our office works tirelessly to ensure your comfort while helping you achieve better eyesight. You can rest assured that a LASIK procedure is painless because patients receive a numbing agent in their eyes. The most common sensation patients experience during the procedure is pressure in their eyes, but LASIK surgery is generally painless.

Will LASIK Continue to Work As I Age?

A LASIK procedure is an excellent method of providing a long-term solution for vision struggles. However, changes in eyesight are a part of the natural aging process for some people, and over time, vision may decline. A small percentage of LASIK patients may need enhancement surgery in the future due to eye changes.

The first step in determining your candidacy for LASIK surgery is to contact our office. Schedule your consultation by calling our Everett office today at 425) 259-2020.

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