Treatments for your dry eyes

If you’ve suffered from dry eye syndrome, then you know the discomfort it brings. You don’t have to suffer from dry eyes, especially as the cooler months approach. Here are some treatments and prevention strategies you can put into place today to reduce the irritation that comes with dry eyes. 

Artificial tears

One over-the-counter treatment that works well is artificial tears. They restore moisture to your eyes and should be applied throughout the day to be most effective. If you need them more than six times a day, you should talk to your doctor about a prescription treatment instead. 

Eye ointments

Another common and effective over-the-counter treatment is eye ointment. These are thicker than artificial tears and can blur your vision. That’s why it’s important to apply them to your inner lower lash line at bedtime so that treatment can work overnight. 


Heated indoor air can dry your eyes. An indoor humidifier can restore moisture into the air. It’s also important to keep your home as cool as you can tolerate to cut down on the dryness in the air. Also cut down on the use of direct hair dryers, car heaters or fans that blow air directly into your eyes.

Wraparound sunglasses

Protective eyewear such as wraparound sunglasses can block wind and dry air when you are outside. Adding a protective shield to your eyeglasses can help as well. 


If you can, avoid smoking or stay away from people who do, as smoking can worsen dry eye syndrome. If you are ready to quit smoking, as your doctor for some options that may work best for you. 

Reduce eye strain

If you have a lot of screen time, give yourself regular breaks. Close your eyes for even a few minutes and be sure to blink regularly to help spread tears evenly and regularly over your eyes. 

Certain medical conditions and medications can contribute to dry eye syndrome. To maintain or improve the health of your eyes, be sure to schedule regular eye exams and visit your doctor when you have a problem that needs attention. Call (425) 259-2020 today.

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