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Common Signs and Symptoms of Dermatochalasis

Excessive, drooping skin on the top eyelids is a symptom of dermatochalasis. It frequently results in a worn-out or aging appearance. While it is typically associated with aging, it can also occur due to genetic factors or chronic eye rubbing.  Recognizing the signs and symptoms of dermatochalasis can help you in early diagnosis. In this blog, we… Read More »

Computer Vision Syndrome: Are You Using Screens Too Much?

You’ve likely discovered firsthand how detrimental too much screen time can be for your eyes. But did you know that eye strain from technology has become so prolific that it now has its own name? Computer vision syndrome (CVS) causes pain and discomfort from repetitive eye motion — and it is now among the most common… Read More »


Understanding Astigmatism: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that affects millions of people around the world. Despite its prevalence, many individuals may not fully understand what astigmatism is, what causes it, or how it can be treated. Astigmatism is an eye condition that occurs when the cornea or the lens inside the eye has an irregular shape. Instead… Read More »

Ptosis: Droopy Upper Eyelids

Not many people have heard of ptosis. As a result, not everyone who has ptosis can identify that they have it, and this lack of knowledge is what prevents them from seeking treatment. Therefore, we’ll discuss ptosis here. Ptosis is an eye condition that causes your upper eyelids to droop. Signs that you have ptosis include overactive… Read More »

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A Closer Look at Ectropion

Your eyes provide a window into your overall health. They help to convey the emotions you feel and help you connect to the world around you. One of the first signs that something may be amiss is if you notice something out of the ordinary about your eyes. For instance, having exposed eyelids or outward-turning… Read More »

A woman with eyesight problems sees poorly through glasses.

Your Eyes Will Be Thankful For Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism can rob you of seeing the true beauty of life. Other side effects of astigmatism can affect your ability to accomplish everyday tasks. Although astigmatism tends to impact your quality of life, many treatments can help correct the issue. Here are a few options that your eye doctor can use to help clear up… Read More »

woman feeling eye pain while overworking on desktop computer.

Combating Eye Strain

Our eyes are a vital part of how we connect to the world. When they’re tired, it can keep you from enjoying life and performing at your best. Recent studies show that 70% of adults suffer from eye strain, which affects their quality of life. If your eyes feel worn out, here are a few… Read More »

Pink eye Conjunctivitis in a girl's eye

Common eye conditions and how to treat them

There are many common eye conditions that only require rest and over-the-counter medications for treatment. Sometimes, you will need to see your doctor when symptoms don’t improve or accompany other symptoms. Here are some of the common eye conditions and what you should do to treat them: Pink Eye Pink eye is a common yet… Read More »

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What you need to know about flashes and floaters

If you ever have floaters or flashes in your eyes, it’s usually not a cause for concern. But when you are noticing many floaters or several flashes, then you need to see your doctor to rule out any serious conditions.  What they are You can blame the aging process for a lot of things, and… Read More »

FAQs about LASIK

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing LASIK to correct your vision, you have probably started researching to learn more about the procedure and what it entails. Here are some frequently asked questions about the popular laser refractive surgery. What does LASIK involve? LASIK refers to laser eye surgery that corrects nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) or… Read More »

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