Combating Eye Strain

 woman feeling eye pain while overworking on desktop computer.Our eyes are a vital part of how we connect to the world. When they’re tired, it can keep you from enjoying life and performing at your best. Recent studies show that 70% of adults suffer from eye strain, which affects their quality of life. If your eyes feel worn out, here are a few things you can do to help them recover.

What Causes Eye Strain?

Recent technology has made it easier for us to work, connect with others, and binge-watch our favorite TV shows. While our cell phones, laptops, and tablets have added convenience to our lives, those conveniences can sometimes come at a cost. 

Spending several hours viewing screens can negatively affect the way your eyes feel. Too much screen time can cause eye strain in several ways. First, looking at a screen means that you’re blinking less, and blinking is one way your eyes lubricate themselves. Infrequent blinking can cause your eyes can dry out, making them itchy, blurry, and uncomfortable.

Also, prolonged screen time causes your eyes to work hard to contrast with the surrounding light. For instance, your eyes must adjust to the surrounding conditions, such as a bright screen in a dark area or a dark screen in a light room.

Maintaining this constant adjustment can wear on the muscles in your eye, causing fatigue.

What You Can Do About it

Eye strain doesn’t have to be a long-term issue, and there are several steps you can take to fix it. For instance, reducing screen time can be an area to start in. According to studies, adults spend an average of 9 hours and 20 minutes in front of a screen. Taking breaks and limiting your screen time can help your eyes rest, reducing the strain. 

Also, increasing the distance between the screen and your eyes can help. Experts recommend putting your computer at least arm’s length away to help fight eye strain.

You can also protect yourself by adjusting your lighting. Matching your environment to your screen brightness by closing curtains or turning off lights reduces work for your eyes.

Tired eyes can make it difficult to enjoy your life and rob you of your effectiveness. But, lifestyle changes can reduce the impact of eye strain and help your vision perform its best.

An eye exam is an essential tool in keeping your eyes healthy. If you want to learn more about combating eye strain, call our Everett office at 425) 259-2020.

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