Discover Your Cataracts Treatment Options

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cataracts, treatment options are available. Learn more about the options Physicians Eye Clinic has to offer.Having cataracts can be a difficult eye condition to live with. Fortunately, Physicians Eye Clinic offers cataract treatment options to improve your vision. Here are some of the treatment options we have to offer.

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a vision condition where your lens becomes cloudy. Cataracts can make it feel like you’re viewing the world through a constant haze. You can have a cataract in just one eye, but some people gradually develop them in both.

Those with cataracts can experience difficulty with everyday activities. Although not painful, cataracts can cause you to lose contrast in your vision or cause you to see halos around bright lighting. You may also find it harder to read or distinguish objects clearly.

Cataracts Treatment Options

New Corrective-Lens Prescriptions

Getting a new prescription for glasses or contacts may help with your cataracts. This is a common choice for people awaiting surgery or unsure if they want to go forward with an operation.

Anti-Glare Sunglasses

Although it won’t correct your cataracts, reducing the glare can eliminate some of the blurriness you experience.

Magnifying Lenses

Magnifying lenses are commonly used to improve the readability of fine print and can make certain activities easier when you have cataracts. While not meant to be a permanent solution, magnifying lenses can provide you with some relief until you have cataract surgery.

Brighter Lighting

Adding lamps to your residence or using brighter bulbs may help your cataracts. Cataracts can make things appear dim, which is why many patients avoid driving at night. With that said, be sure to position your lighting to avoid glare.

Cataract Surgery

The most effective option for treating cataracts is cataract surgery. In cataract surgery, your surgeon will remove the cloudy lens. They’ll then replace it with an artificial device known as an intraocular lens, which is designed to be a permanent vision solution.

Most patients who undergo this surgery receive it while awake and don’t need hospital stays. If you’re getting surgery on both eyes, your doctor will usually give you a break to heal between the procedures.

Learn About Effective Cataract Treatment at the Physicians Eye Clinic

Undergoing cataract treatment can make a huge difference in your daily life. Ready to discover what lies ahead? Find your ideal solution by talking to an ophthalmologist at the Physicians Eye Clinic in Everett, WA. Schedule your appointment by calling 425-259-2020 or by submitting a contact form online.

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