Computer Vision Syndrome: Are You Using Screens Too Much?

asthenopiaYou’ve likely discovered firsthand how detrimental too much screen time can be for your eyes. But did you know that eye strain from technology has become so prolific that it now has its own name? Computer vision syndrome (CVS) causes pain and discomfort from repetitive eye motion — and it is now among the most common eye conditions in the United States.

CVS can lead to ongoing discomfort, worsened vision, and physical pain. Read on to learn more about what causes computer vision syndrome and what you can do if it’s affecting you.

Asthenopia: The Greatest Sign of Computer Vision Syndrome

Asthenopia is eye strain or eye fatigue. It is the primary symptom of CVS and the most common compliant patients have.

Have you ever noticed the way someone’s eyes move back and forth consecutively when they are scrolling through social media or typing on their computer? This movement can eventually exhaust the ocular muscles, causing telltale “tired eyes.”

Staring at a computer or phone requires your eyes to refocus repeatedly. You also likely tend to look to the side, check something off-screen, and immediately return your sight to digital content. This type of constant input and demand causes eye strain.

This strain, however, is only one symptom. It can also lead to headaches and facial tension that so many patients experience. Patients also frequently report neck, shoulder, and back pain from long periods of sitting, dry eyes, and blurred vision.

How Many Hours of Screen Time a Day Is Too Much?

Unfortunately, many adults can’t go without staring at screens for less than two to four hours a day. Some of us spend up to eight hours in front of a computer for our jobs. In this case, effort should be made to take routine breaks every hour and let the eyes rest.

Six or more hours of daily screen time is associated with greater health risks, including impaired vision and computer vision syndrome. Excessive screen use has also led to an increase in children and teenagers diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness).

Get Personalized Eye Care at Physicians Eye Clinic

For over 40 years, Physicians Eye Clinic has been a staple in the community of Everett, WA. Our team understands the evolving demands and needs of their patients. Screens typically cannot be avoided today, but that does not mean you are forced to suffer from headaches, neck and back pain, and eye issues.

We’re here to help you find relief. With over 60 years of combined experience, our medical team is highly skilled and specialized in every aspect of eye care.

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