Your Eyes Will Be Thankful For Astigmatism Treatment

A woman with eyesight problems sees poorly through glasses.Astigmatism can rob you of seeing the true beauty of life. Other side effects of astigmatism can affect your ability to accomplish everyday tasks. Although astigmatism tends to impact your quality of life, many treatments can help correct the issue. Here are a few options that your eye doctor can use to help clear up your vision and improve your outlook.

How Astigmatism Affects Vision

Astigmatism affects over 8 percent of the population, making it a common condition for many people. For some people, anatomical issues cause the cornea or eye lens to develop mismatched curves. The surface of the cornea has an uneven shape rather than being round. This misalignment can cause a combination of nearsightedness and blurred vision, the two main calling cards of astigmatism.

Other astigmatism symptoms include:

  • Blurred or distorted vision
  • Eyestrain 
  • Consistent Headaches
  • Difficulty seeing at night 
  • Frequent Squinting

How is Astigmatism Diagnosed?

An eye exam can help your eye doctor determine if you have astigmatism. During the exam, your doctor may test how your eye handles light and refraction and gauge your overall eye health as the parameters for astigmatism.

Misconceptions About Astigmatism

There are many myths about how some develop astigmatism. Some people believe that sitting too close to a television or trying to read a book with poor lighting cause astigmatism. Despite the prevalence of myths like these, there is no evidence to support them. 

Although experts are unsure why some people are born with astigmatism, symptoms slowly manifest themselves over time.

For those who aren’t born with astigmatism, factors such as an eye injury, eye disease, or recent eye surgery can cause astigmatism symptoms.

Treating Astigmatism

Depending on your situation, your doctor has many treatment options to help with your astigmatism.

For instance, your doctor may recommend corrective glasses or contact lenses to help with near or farsightedness that accompany astigmatism.

But other situations may require corrective surgeries, including:

  • Lasik
  • Refractive surgery
  • PRK procedure
  • SMILE procedure

If you have questions about treating astigmatism, schedule an appointment with our Wilmington office. Set up a consultation by calling us today at 910-769-4590

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