Common eye conditions and how to treat them

Pink eye Conjunctivitis in a girl's eyeThere are many common eye conditions that only require rest and over-the-counter medications for treatment. Sometimes, you will need to see your doctor when symptoms don’t improve or accompany other symptoms.

Here are some of the common eye conditions and what you should do to treat them:

Pink Eye

Pink eye is a common yet highly contagious condition called acute conjunctivitis. The symptoms are itchiness, redness and yellow or white discharge from the eyes. It may be in one eye or both and often accompanies other symptoms like a runny nose. It’s important to wash your hands frequently, especially if you touch your eyes, and get medication to treat it. It usually lasts 7-10 days.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common condition caused by environmental factors, hormonal changes, your daily routine and even aging. Some medications and medical conditions can cause dry eye as well. If you stare at a computer screen or smart phone for hours at a time, you may be more prone to dry eye as you aren’t blinking enough to lubricate your eyes with tears. Often over-the-counter artificial tears and rest can help, but see your doctor if symptoms don’t improve.

Eye Strain

Eye strain is also caused by staring at a computer screen or smart phone all day. It’s important to follow the 20/20/20 rule, which means looking at an object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes, which will help soothe your eyes and give them rest. Dry eyes can also cause eye strain, so try artificial tears. If you still can’t find relief, talk to your doctor.


One of the most common eye problems is redness. If your eyes are red, ithcy and watery, it’s likely allergies and could be treated with artificial tears or antihistamine eye drops. If symptoms don’t improve with over-the-counter treatments, see your doctor to explore other treatments or find underlying causes for your red eyes.

If you are concerned about any of these or other eye conditions, please call 425-259-2020 to schedule an appointment.

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